mardi 22 janvier 2013

Study and fun.

Today I started to paint on Photoshop again after a long break I made.
Today I spent all my time studying human silhouettes on with a pencil and a new sketchbook where I put all my warm-ups. 
After that I decided to go back on photoshop and do a " 15 brush strokes exercise " with a white skull I got at home. (This one
The only action you can do in the  " 15 brush strokes exercise " is take the brush you want, the color you want to use ( no eyedropper allowed ) and use one layer per brush strokes until your reach 15 layers. Any other actions such as switching tools , ctrl+t , ctrl+z etc take an action ( so you have to put a blank layer to count it ).
This exercise is really hard , and force you to think a lot on your workflow. Since I just want to increase the accuracy of my hands and eye , I choose to use only the round brush without any use of opacity while doing the exercice. I am not happy about the results , but it makes me learn a lot.

Then I wanted to do an other quick study just to relax and feel more free.
It was really pleasant. It makes me want to do long ones soon.

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